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​Create classics and highlight luxury. 

We focuses on the craftsmanship and quality of high-end laminates. 

It has a long history, strong strength and a professional team.

Driven by Excellence

 We are committed to providing customers with high-quality leather products and comprehensive services, and assisting customers in creating high-end furniture, interior decoration and construction projects.

What makes us different?

Selected high-quality wood and crafted with craftsmanship. We select high-quality wood from all over the world, such as wenge, rosewood, walnut, maple, etc., and use advanced processing techniques to produce clear texture, uniform color, and delicate texture. Veneer.

We also have a professional R&D team that continuously innovates and develops new products to meet the diverse needs of customers. A wide range of products to meet your various needs. We have a wide range of products, covering natural veneer, dyed veneer, antique veneer, special effect veneer, etc., which can meet your various needs.

Whether it's for high-end furniture, interior decoration or construction projects, 

you'll find the right veneer product for you.


Perfect after-sales service allows you to use it without worries !

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Successful Cases

Not only does it have high-quality products and perfect services, it also has a wealth of successful cases.

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